We will not “waffle” Relief Society Activity (2024)

In February of last year I was called to one of the best callings I have ever had, The Party Planning Committee. I really feel like I was born for it, I was also given the title: “Relief Society Graphic Specialist.” So my responsibilities along with that included creating fliers, hand outs, our bulletin board for Relief Society and creating things for our activities!

For the first activity I collaborated with, we decided to do a Relief Society Birthday Party because the Relief Society was created in March. We did a waffle theme for the birthday party & based it taken from a quote from Elder Ballard, “We’ve got to be so solidly anchored in our testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ that, regardless of what may come next, we will not waffle; we will stand firm in our belief…” I like to design a big poster that is 11×17 to hang as an advertisem*nt & then I made a smaller 4×4 invite to hand out to the ladies.

We will not “waffle” Relief Society Activity (1)We will not “waffle” Relief Society Activity (2)

We sent out a sign-up sheet for the ladies to sign up to bring toppings and we took care of the waffle batter by purchasing the bags of pancake mix from Costco, and we all brought our waffle irons. I thought it was funny and clever to say, “be there or be square”, you can place 1 or more of these sign-up sheets on a clip board or in the binder while you send it around for the role. We have even sent them around during Sunday school now that we meet for RS every 2 weeks and that sometimes makes it difficult to plan activities!

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I designed some cute and punny food labels for the food that everyone loved! I also drew on my chalkboard, “waffle bar” and designed a waffle to print and turn into a super cute banner!

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Heidi got balloons to spread around the tables and she was in charge of creating our WAY CUTE centerpieces! She got plates and bowls from the dollar store and put a plate on the bowl upside down to create inexpensive cake stands. She then stacked waffles and put sprinkles & candles on them to make them look like birthday cakes! I made little quotes of our theme to be placed on each table & we used little yellow confetti from the dollar store to sprinkle around the centerpieces.

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For our game, Maggie had a really cute idea to do a game of Bingo where you go around at the beginning while the waffles are being made and have each lady put their name in one of the “waffle squares”, because I designed the bingo sheet to look like a waffle. We had a set of questions on a piece of paper for the ladies to put their name and answer 3 fun and silly questions about themselves.

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After everyone mingled for a bit to fill out their bingo cards, we opened with a prayer and a short message from the talk from Elder M. Russell Ballard and let everyone eat. Once everyone had sat down and ate for awhile, Maggie did the game. She had gathered the question cards and would read the name from the card & if you had the name on your card you could place a bingo piece on your card (Maggie used little Chex cereal to look like waffles). Everyones cards were different because each lady signed in a space that was available or empty, if that makes sense! She would also read 1 or more of their silly answers. It was a really fun way to get to know some of the sisters & some quirky information about them!

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As a gift for each of the ladies, I designed the Relief Society Declaration in a really modern and minimalist design for them to bring home and frame as an 8×10. As well as a little thought on a magnet to put on the fridge, its dimensions are the same as an index card, 3×5. It turned out so cute & fun we really loved planning it and putting it together.

If you are interested in doing this theme for one of your Relief Society activities I have conveniently put everything together in a printable file available for you to purchase and download for use Here in my Etsy Shop!

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We will not “waffle” Relief Society Activity (2024)
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