How hard is Architecture as a major? (2024)

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How hard is Architecture as a major? (1)

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Deciding major options, interested in building and creative expression type jobs.

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How hard is Architecture as a major? (2)

Xiaojie Johan Liu


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Xiaojie Johan’s Answer

Hello Amy,

Thanks for asking. Just a disclaimer: I'm not an architect, but I've had friends that were architecture majors. It is a very extensive major that requires a lot of dedication and time during your undergraduate years. It is not considered one of the easier majors in college, but the people that I know get a lot from working as an architect. If it is what you are after, then it might be a rewarding major and lead to a rewarding career as an architect.

Best of luck!



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How hard is Architecture as a major? (3) Thank you so much for the advice. Amy

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How hard is Architecture as a major? (2024)
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