3 Bedroom Small House Plans - Plank and Pillow (2024)

3 Bedroom Small House Plans - Plank and Pillow (1)

Three bedroom small house plans, though modest in size, offer remarkable versatility and functionality. Whether you’re a young family just starting out, empty-nesters looking to downsize, or a couple seeking the right balance between work and leisure spaces, 3 bedroom small house plans may be your ideal solution. In this article, we’ll look into the unique charms and advantages of these compact but beautifully efficient living spaces.

3 Bedroom: The Magic Number

Now, let’s talk about the magic number: three bedrooms. This configuration is perfect for young families or empty nesters looking to downsize. With three bedrooms, you have just the right amount of space. One room for the parents, one for the kids, and an extra room that could be a guest room, home office, or a movie room. Versatility is the keyword here!

Open Living Area and Maximizing Storage Space

In many small 3 bedroom house plans, you’ll see a preference for open floor plans. This means the kitchen, dining area, and living room flow together without walls to separate them. This not only makes your home feel more spacious but also promotes social interaction and family togetherness.

To accommodate all the needs of a family within a small space, these house plans often come with smart storage solutions. Built-in shelves, under-stair storage, multi-purpose furniture – you name it! These clever additions make sure you have a place for everything, keeping your home tidy and clutter-free.

Our Favorite 3 Bedroom Small House Plans

Here are a few of our favorite three-bedroom small house plans that we would love to build. As we are looking to downsize, a smaller three-bedroom would be perfect for our family.

Spring Creek Cottage

3 Bedroom Small House Plans - Plank and Pillow (2)

The Spring Creek Cottage is a plan designed by Plank & Pillow. The Spring Creek Cottage is where timeless English cottage-inspired architecture meets a modern and practical layout. This inviting 2,489 square feet house plan features three spacious bedrooms, each complemented with its own private bathroom. The kitchen, a showpiece with its 15 ft vaulted ceiling, serves as a central hub for family gatherings and meal times. The master suite is conveniently nestled on the main level, creating a private and tranquil retreat.In our opinion, it is the perfect three-bedroom small house plan!

The Langston

The Langston house plan by Southern Living — is a charming example of Southern grace combined with modern practicality. This plan masterfully arranges approximately 2,300 square feet into a compact yet highly functional design that doesn’t skimp on style or comfort. With three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, it’s ideal for a family looking for a touch of elegance in a manageable space. The main floor’s open-concept layout encourages free-flowing communication between the family room, dining area, and kitchen. Upstairs, the bedrooms provide privacy and personal space. A standout feature of the Langston is the expansive rear porch, inviting homeowners to extend their living space outdoors. Elegant, efficient, and utterly Southern, the Langston house plan is a testament to the quality and character that Southern Living is known for.

Orange Grove

The Orange Grove house plan is another gem from Southern Living that perfectly captures the essence of warm, inviting Southern design while balancing modern needs. A perfect blend of cozy charm and practicality, the Orange Grove offers a compact layout, ideal for smaller plots, without compromising on functionality or style. Spanning about 1,800 square feet, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom home packs a lot into a small footprint. The design features an open floor plan, seamlessly merging the kitchen, dining area, and living room, promoting an airy, spacious feel. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy aspects of the Orange Grove house plan is its fabulous outdoor living spaces.

The Simple Modern Farmhouse

The Simple Modern Farmhouse plan by Donald Gardner is a delightful fusion of the classic, rustic charm of a farmhouse and the sleek, clean lines of modern design. Encompassing approximately 2,200 square feet of carefully designed living space, this house plan features three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, offering ample space for a growing family. The open-concept layout brings together the great room, dining area, and kitchen, creating a harmonious flow that’s ideal for both daily life and entertaining. The master suite stands out with a luxurious bathroom and a generous walk-in closet, offering a perfect retreat for homeowners.

Cottage House Plan: The Nigel

The Nigel, a beautiful cottage home plan by Donald Gardner, is the epitome of charm and coziness, seamlessly combining modern needs with traditional design. With approximately 2,135 square feet of thoughtfully planned living space, this house features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Its open-concept design unites the great room, dining area, and kitchen into a single, cohesive space, perfect for family gatherings and entertaining. The master suite is a standout, offering a sense of luxurious seclusion with a private bathroom and a spacious walk-in closet. Another distinctive feature of The Nigel is its emphasis on the outdoors. An inviting front porch and a generous rear screened porch encourage a lifestyle intertwined with nature.

The Hillstone Cottage

The Hillstone Cottage house plan by Southern Living is a perfect embodiment of timeless charm and contemporary functionality. Nestled within a footprint of roughly 1,800 square feet, this plan thoughtfully organizes three bedrooms and two bathrooms into a compact yet comfortable layout. Its open-concept design, uniting the kitchen, dining area, and family room, encourages a sense of togetherness while making the space feel airy and expansive. The master suite, complete with its own private bathroom and walk-in closet, is a haven of tranquility.

The Wynrose Cottage

The Wynrose Cottage house plan by Southern Living truly encapsulates the essence of Southern charm and elegance. Spanning roughly 2,400 square feet, this plan thoughtfully allocates space for four bedrooms and three bathrooms, making it ideal for a growing family or one that enjoys hosting guests. Its open floor plan seamlessly blends the kitchen, dining, and living areas, fostering a warm, inviting space for family interaction and entertainment. The master suite is a peaceful retreat, complete with a private bathroom and a generously sized walk-in closet. But the Wynrose Cottage doesn’t stop at indoor charm; it extends its warm invitation outdoors with a sizeable covered front porch and a breezy rear deck.

Small three-bedroom houses are proving that size isn’t everything. With the right planning and creative design, these homes are just as functional, comfortable, and beautiful as their larger counterparts. They represent an embrace of simplicity, a commitment to eco-friendly living, and a love for efficient design. So, whether you’re planning to build your first home, looking to downsize, or just interested in the concept, remember this: small is beautiful, and a three-bedroom small house could be the perfect choice for you.

3 Bedroom Small House Plans - Plank and Pillow (2024)


What is the simplest floor plan? ›

Open floor plans are simpler to build as they require fewer materials and are more energy efficient than traditional closed floor plans. Many Modern styles such as Modern Farmhouse, Ranch, and Barndominium typically have open floor plans.

What is the perfect home layout? ›

Ideally, to provide the best layout for your family, there should be one bathroom for every two bedrooms in the house. Homeowners who entertain frequently should choose a house layout that has a full or a half-guest bathroom near the living area. The guest bathroom should be downstairs in homes with multiple floors.

What is the most efficient house layout? ›

Simple rectangles or squares, 2 rooms deep, with the important rooms (bedrooms, living areas, kitchen) on outside walls. All rooms having windows on two sides for cross-ventilation and light. You can still have a somewhat open floor plan, but I wouldn't go overboard with that.

How to design a functional house? ›

The experts at Alair Homes Sanibel offer the following tips for a functional home.
  1. The Right Floorplan. If your home does not flow with you, it is not the right layout. ...
  2. Practicality. ...
  3. Utilize Dead Spaces. ...
  4. Think Ahead. ...
  5. Make Room for Storage. ...
  6. Create a Lighting Plan. ...
  7. Multi-Function Rooms. ...
  8. Choose the Right Finishes.

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